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What are 'Boxes'?

Personal Development Strategist
About Robert

After being expelled from High School at the age of 17 and while facing poverty due to emotional and physical abuse, Robert educated himself on the study of human behavior, and mathematics. Through his hardships, he began to use his studies of math and the Psychology of Human behavior to overcome the negative patterns in his own decisions and more importantly to learn their origin. This allowed him to save himself from an impoverished and self-abusive mindset, and furthered his research to transforming others. 

For over 10 years prior to starting his own practice, Robert was a Personal as well as Business  Development strategist for two of the largest Investment banks on Wall Street; as well as a Personal Transformation strategist for Non-profits representing Foster Teens, as well as those challenged with Disabilities, and Homelessness. 

A self taught and published Theoretical Mathematician, Robert uses number theoretic concepts that allow him to understand human behavior and overall decision making in Business and in life. 

I teach Development training to individuals and Business owners through a technique designed for the dismantling of Self-Neglect, self-abuse, and Low self-esteem, which generally leads to a poverty mindset, depression, fear, addiction and self-doubt especially during these challanging times. My process allows for the breaking of these negative emotional patterns that have been holding you back from thriving either in your business or personal life.

Robert Puma Solutions
My Services
Personal Development Coaching

What is the one thing holding you back? Is it fear of failure?

Fear of rejection? Fear of getting hurt? By using our coaching service, you will develop your professional skills, learn how to understand why you've been making certain decisions that have been holding you back from success, and master techniques that will begin to empower you.

  • One-on-one mentoring

    If you are a professional having challenges reaching your goals, or just someone; either adult or teen seeking to overcome obstacles in your personal life, then perhaps a Personal Development Coach can help. Personal Development helps you understand why you've been making certain decisions that have been holding you back from success in your personal life as well as in your profession. With our objective not being to teach you to be confident, yet instead guide you to discover how powerful and outstanding you already are. At Robert Puma Solutions we teach that the best way to deal with fear is to understand where its coming from so that you may first accept it, then use it for empowerment!

  • Group Coaching

    At Robert-Puma Solutions, we take group mentoring to its highest possible level. Our program empowers you and your team members so that you will really begin to not only look within yourself for passion and thrive but so that you will also begin to learn your team member's needs and help them get into a higher performance mental state as well. We teach you how to focus on clear insight and Self- accountability so that you will begin achieving consistent powerful outcomes. If you and your team have the desire to reach your peak performance and achieve lasting results Robert-Puma Solutions just may be a fit for you.

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